Cyber Security

Tailored cybersecurity services designed to suit your business needs without inducing fear.

While cyberattacks pose an ongoing threat, security measures shouldn't hinder productivity or creativity.

N1Enterprise provides accessible cybersecurity solutions customized for startups and small businesses, steering clear of fear tactics. Our managed security services encompass fundamental protections alongside strategic industry collaborations, ensuring comprehensive security for your business from start to finish.

As cyberattacks persist as a threat

It's important that security measures don't stifle productivity or innovation. N1Enterpirse delivers accessible cybersecurity solutions tailored for startups and small businesses, avoiding fear tactics.

Our Managed Security Services entail:

  • Continuous monitoring of networks and endpoints, incorporating cutting-edge EDR, MDR, and antivirus technology
  • AI-driven Email security featuring threat detection and phishing simulation
  • Training programs to enhance cybersecurity awareness among employees
  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication
  • Management of firewalls and VPNs
  • Utilization of a vulnerability management suite
  • Proactive patching of devices and software
  • Prevention of ransomware and malware attacks
  • Preparedness for compliance, along with risk and gap assessments
  • Incident response supported by a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

N1Enterpirse delivers essential security essentials for safe operations, without exaggerated hype about emerging threats.

Our managed security services include essential protections and strategic industry partnerships, guaranteeing complete security for your business throughout its operations.

Effective security demands a multi-tiered, people-focused strategy. Our seasoned administrators deploy established technologies while guiding staff on adopting secure practices. We simplify technical intricacies into practical guidance for decision-makers.

Collaborate with our administrators to establish efficient cybersecurity measures aligned with your risk tolerance and resources. Experience a people-focused approach to SMB cybersecurity.